Virginia Buddhist Temple
(Dhamma Hadaya)

6745 Davis Ford Rd,
Manassas, VA 20111
(202) 569-0358


Weekly Programs

Sunday Meditation Sessions starting at 6:00 PM
Saturday Dhamma School for Children
from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Monthly Sill Program

Dhamma Hadaya Mediation Center conducts a Sheela Program to observe eight percepts in Buddhism on the first Sunday each month from 8am -5pm .

Who We Are

Kāyena saṁvaro sādhu-sādhu vācāya saṁvaro
Manasā saṁvaro sādhu-sādhu sabbattha saṁvaro
Sabbatha saṁvuto bhikkhu- sabba dukkhā pamuccati
Noble is restraint in deed; noble is restraint in speech; noble is restraint in mind; noble is restraint in everything (that needs to be restrained). The monk, restrained at all points, is freed from sorrow.

One prominent and perhaps a unique feature in Buddhism is the importance given to the concept of self in its teachings. Buddhism realizes the universal aspiration of every being for contentment and promotes individual wellbeing as the sure path for both social and individual progress.

Lord Buddha uncovered the wisdom embodied in Buddhism in his quest to defy three inevitable but undesired events that every one of us has to encounter; death, decay, and ailing.

Naturally, all beings pursue happiness, but not many can claim that they are successful in achieving complete happiness in their lives. We observe many end up being more self-indulgent and self-obsessed with lesser self-awareness and self-control than being truly happy in their pursuit of happiness.

Can wellbeing of an individual be a reality when a person lacks self-control and self-awareness? Can societal wellbeing is possible when its members fail? The founder of Dhamma Hadaya believes it is impossible to do so. Dhamma Hadaya is, therefore, endeavoring to improve individual psychological and spiritual wellbeing according to the Buddhist philosophy and thereby help the community become caring and safe to its members.

Our Mission

To empower our devotees with moral discipline in their action, speech and thought through Buddhist teachings and practices and thereby helping them to be psychologically, and spiritually healthy members of the community

Our Founder

Born in Thanthirimale , a remote village in Sri Lanka in 1968, Ven. Thanthirimale Mahanama Nayaka thero received his ordainment and initial training under his first mentor Ven. Ankumbure Sugunapala Nayaka thero .

He was educated at the prestigious Bikku Training Center, Maharagama, Sri Lanka. As a student monk at the Bikku Training Center, he had the opportunity to study under renowned Buddhist scholar Most Venerable Madihe Pannaseeha Maha Nayake thero.

Having entered into the order of the Buddhist monks at the age of 13, Ven. Mahanama thero has developed in-depth knowledge in Buddhist Philosophy through years of academic studies and dedicated practice. Also, he is well-versed with Buddhist scriptures and ancient Pali and Sanskrit languages. He has over twenty years of experience as a teacher in Buddhism and a trainer in Buddhist meditation.

Contact Us

Mailing Address:

6745 Davis Ford Rd,
Manassas, VA 20111

Telephone :

(202) 569-0358